“I could never stay long enouth on the shore; the tang of the untainted, fresh, and free sea air was like a cool, quieting thought.”

Helen Keller

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Our history

I have always liked doing things by hand. I need to learn new things every day. I have had several jobs in my life, without a doubt the one that has most moved me was the last one as a photographer. Because of that I have lived fantastic experiences, met wonderful people and discovered incredible places. But still it was not my definitive facet. It is possible that I have stagnated too much, and that kills me.

Somethings can change your life.

I really like fairs and markets. One day walking through a craft fair I saw very nice bracelets and I got curious … But I continued with my walk and after a while I saw in a jewelry shop the sign: “handmade bracelet courses”. I think that was … THE GREAT SIGN.

I wrote down and I loved the experience, in fact; I did a couple more courses there. After that, I started buying materials and creating my first bracelets. I always use vegan and natural materials.

In my store you can find; beautiful bracelets and other complements made of cork, imitation leather and paracord. Used by women and men. I make different measurements, but I can also make them personalized.
The maritime style is due to my origin in blood.The city of La Coruña (Spain) is characterized by its beautiful location in the Atlantic Ocean. With my jewels I connect the rough seas with the sailor throu the symbols of love and friendship.

From here I would like to thank my sister and her partner, who from the first day have helped me to create my project “Near The Sea Jewelry”; without them it wouldn´t be possible.

You are welcome to my store, I hope you like my articles, which I try to make with love.


Nuestro futuro

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Hi, I’m Oscar, I’m from Spain and I’ve always had sensitivity for art. I created this store to show my designs; I hope you like them that are made with love. Sincerely 🙂

Óscar R.