Discover Elegance and Sustainability with our Vegan Leather Bracelet Collection

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Vegan Leather Bracelet for men & women
Discover our Vegan Leather Bracelet at Near The Sea Jewelry, an exquisite accessory handcrafted from sustainable cork. With three braided cords and a customizable fit, it reflects coastal charm in tranquil blue or natural cork hues. This eco-friendly bracelet ensures durability and comfort, suitable for all skin types. Embrace the beauty of nature and make an environmentally conscious fashion statement with this unique piece, supporting the preservation of cork oak forests. Join us in promoting sustainability with our Vegan Leather Bracelet, a symbol of elegance and responsible fashion. Available exclusively in our online store.
Made with cork cord, natural ecological and vegan material.
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Discover Elegance and Sustainability with our Vegan Leather Bracelet Collection

Welcome to Near The Sea Jewelry, where we are committed to offering you the finest and most eco-conscious accessories. Introducing our exquisite Vegan Leather Bracelet, crafted from premium braided cork, it exemplifies a perfect blend of style and sustainability. Embrace the allure of the ocean with its coastal-inspired design, available in two stunning colors: tranquil blue and the natural hue of cork.

Our Vegan Leather Bracelet is a symbol of craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. Handmade from 100% cork, a sustainable and renewable material, this exquisite bracelet captivates with its eco-friendly charm. Three meticulously woven cork cords form the heart of the design, adding an enchanting texture that sets it apart from traditional accessories.

The use of cork in our bracelet not only ensures no harm to animals but also contributes to the preservation of cork oak forests. These forests serve as vital ecosystems, offering shelter to diverse wildlife while absorbing substantial amounts of carbon dioxide, making them essential in combating climate change.

Available in two versatile colors, the tranquil blue shade embodies the serenity of the ocean waves, while the natural cork hue reflects the rustic beauty of coastal landscapes. The lightweight and hypoallergenic cork material ensures a comfortable fit, perfect for everyday wear.

Customization is key to creating a cherished accessory, and our Vegan Leather Bracelet offers just that. Tailor-made to fit your wrist perfectly, you can select the desired wrist measurement while placing your order. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a loved one, this personalized touch adds a unique and thoughtful element to the bracelet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is cork a durable material for a bracelet? Absolutely! Cork is renowned for its durability, making it an excellent choice for a long-lasting accessory. It is resistant to wear, tear, and moisture, ensuring your bracelet remains beautiful over time.
  2. Can I wear this bracelet if I have sensitive skin? Certainly! Our Vegan Leather Bracelet is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies.
  3. How do I measure my wrist for a perfect fit? To measure your wrist accurately, use a flexible tape measure or a piece of string, then measure it against a ruler. Provide this measurement while placing your order, and we’ll create a bracelet that fits you perfectly.
  4. Is this bracelet eco-friendly? Absolutely! Our Vegan Leather Bracelet is crafted from sustainably sourced cork, making it an environmentally conscious choice. By choosing this bracelet, you contribute to the conservation of cork oak forests and support eco-friendly fashion.

Indulge in the beauty of nature and sustainable fashion with our Vegan Leather Bracelet. This elegant accessory, handcrafted from eco-friendly cork, is a testament to your commitment to a greener planet. With its distinctive braided design and customizable fit, it adds a touch of coastal charm to any outfit.
Whether you opt for the soothing blue or the earthy natural hue, each bracelet carries a unique story of environmental responsibility. Join us in promoting a more sustainable future while enjoying the timeless allure of our Vegan Leather Bracelet, available exclusively at Near The Sea Jewelry.

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    I gave this to my nephew for his birthday. He loved it! Was impressed that it was vegan!

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Vegan Leather Bracelet, braided cork bracelet

Discover Elegance and Sustainability with our Vegan Leather Bracelet Collection

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