Yin Yang Pendant Necklace



Discover harmony with our handcrafted Yin Yang Pendant Necklace from Near The Sea Jewelry. Merging balance and style, this stainless steel masterpiece, 3 x 3 cm, comes with a customizable silver chain. Perfect for gifting, it embodies unity in a thoughtfully designed package.

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18" (45 cm), 20" (50 cm), 22" (55 cm), 24" (60 cm)


Black, Silver

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Check Out Our Awesome Yin Yang Pendant Necklace! 🌟

Get ready for some serious harmony vibes with our killer Yin Yang Pendant Necklace from Near The Sea Jewelry. This baby’s handcrafted to perfection, rocking that perfect combo of balance and style. 🤘

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 🕊️ Symbol of Harmony: It’s all about that balance, baby! Our Yin Yang Pendant Necklace nails the art of opposites attracting and creating pure harmony.
  • 💪 Premium Stainless Steel: This bad boy’s made from tough stainless steel. No tarnishing or fading – it’s here for the long haul.
  • 📏 Customizable Length: You heard it right! Pick your chain length and rock that unique look that’s all you.
  • 🎁 Thoughtful Gift Packaging: Need a gift that screams “You’re awesome”? Our Yin Yang Pendant Necklace comes in a rad gift pack, perfect for surprising your peeps.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers:

Q: What’s it made of? A: Top-notch stainless steel! This pendant’s built to last and shine.

Q: Can I rock my preferred chain length? A: Absolutely! Our Yin Yang Pendant Necklace lets you choose the chain length that suits your style.

Q: Perfect for gifting, right? A: You bet! Our necklace comes in a cool gift pack, making it a top-notch choice for showing your love.

Q: How do I keep it shiny? A: Easy-peasy! Gently wipe it with a soft cloth to maintain its dazzling shine.


Ready to rock that balance and style game? Get your Yin Yang Pendant Necklace now and score major cool points. Don’t miss out – hit up Near The Sea Jewelry! 🎉🌊


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Yin Yang Pendant Necklace

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